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State CDE Results

Ag Mech

RTR- 1st (Jarod Hansen, Cody Nelson, Noah Wieme, and Brad Thooft)
St. James- 4th
(Ryan Aspelund, Brandon Lokre, Brandon Romsdahl, and Nolan Vaneps)
Martin County West- 5th
(Joe Anderson, Kevin Jones, Tony Krogman, and Reid Olson)
Butterfield- 13th
(Derek Hall, Leif Peterson, and Travis Winters)
Worthington- 26th
(Travis Soules, Corey Gronewold, Shane Meinders, and Chris Nankivil)

Ag Sales

JCC- 1st (Ashely Bezdicek, Laura O'Neil, Alyssa Schlager, amd Krista Schmit)
Worthington- 3rd
(Tina Henderschiedt, Amery Kuhl, Cody Neyens, and Laura Bents)


RTR- 1st (Andrew Wiering, Joel Erickson, Adam Karbo, and Joel Wiering)
JCC- 3rd
(Sawyer Bargfrede, Nic Hodnefield, Wndi Reith, amd Staci Stueven)
Southwest Star Concept- 4th (Jeremy Appel, Jessica Ferguson, Andy Hesemann, and Travis Olsem)
Sleepy Eye- 8th
(Josh Krenz, Dan Krenz, Isaiah Piotter, and Ryan Starky)
Martin County West- 10th
(Jennifer Eisenmenger, Paul Manzey, Christi Peters, and Anneka Peterson)
Worthington- 11th
(Elia Fellows, Justin Jacobs, Dane Jeppesen, and Dane Krueger)
Moutain Lake- 12th
(Kevin Dick, Brady Janzen, Tyler Myers, and Ryan Pankratz)
Fulda- 25th
(Lance Beckmann, Paul Clausen, Aaron Crowley, and Chris Henning)

Creed Speaking

Mountain Lake- 2nd (Jessica Appel)
JCC- 3rd
(Dustin Yonker)

Dairy Foods

St. James- 2nd (Nathan Faith, Kit Miller, Nick Romsdahl, and Jeff Schmitz)
JCC- 4th
(Landon Burmeister, Jim Garvin, Ashley Henning, and Hatty Rossow)
Worthington- 11th
(Chansouk Duangapai, BJ Naab, James Schutte, and Becky Van Westen)
Red Rock Central- 19th
(Trina Dammann, Tiffany Johnson, Andrea Kohlhof, and Brittany Koziol)
Westbrook-Walnut Grove- 23rd
(Silver Yang, Tiffany Eichner, Golden Yang, and Kia Yang)
Martin County West- 31st
(Lucas Cain, Dustin Faber, Jordan Honnette, and Grant Madison)

Dairy Cattle

RTR- 4th (Zac Hook, Curt Nelson, Erin Peters, and Justin Staeffler)
Sleepy Eye- 8th
(Matt Sellner, Chris Sellner, Marcus Siefert and Matt Mickelson)
Pipestone Area- 15th
(Ashley Burke, Melissa Garberding, Lance Steuk and Allison Stevens)
Westbrook-Walnut Grove- 27th
(Michael Jans, Chris Olsem, Jennifer Olsem and Jessica Olsem)
Red Rock Central- 37th
(Andy Anderson, Garrett Gransee, Salena Gransee and Brent Schroeder)
Mountain Lake- 40th
(Kevin Zschetsche, Reid Feil, Alex Krahn and Marc Oakland)
Fulda- 51st
(Alyson Buschena and Sara Smith)

Dairy Cattle Showing

Worthington- Kim Bents (2nd) and Kia Vander Kooi (4th)
Hills-Beaver Creek-
Heather Albers (10th) and Melinda Sandstede (15th)
Nicole Kohle (16th)
Henry Dittman (20th)

Extemporaneous Speaking

Southwest Star Concept- 1st (Jessica Leopold)
SVRLB- 2nd
(Lindsey Schenck)


JCC- 5th (Andrew Ahrens, Dustin Wassenaar, Dustin Beseke, and Nick Lusk)
Mountain Lake- 10th
(Jeff Belben, Jason Ella, Brady Fast, and Craig Peterson)
Worthington- 12th
(Greg Amundson, Chris Krull, and Mitchell Mastbergen)
St. James- 14th
(John Husby, Brady Swanson, Naomi Tuura, and Sarah Westman)
RTR- 15th
(Derek Hook, Frank Jackman, Chris Wooge, and Dough Wichern)
Windom- 24th
(Joel Duetchman, Leif Hansen, and Brett Mattson)

Farm Business Management

JCC- 1st (Lara Condon, Dustin Erickson, Tim Fransen and Matt Kruse)
RTR- 4th
(Issac Bakker, Mat Schelhaas, David Gladis and Brooks Newton)
Martin County West- 6th
(Britt Adamson, Tanna Hilgendorf, Nate Janssen, and Brianna Peters)
Tracy- 23rd
(Evan Peterson, Josh Screier, and Mike Schreier)


JCC- 1st (Chelsea Clarksean, Angie geesman, Cristy Stegenga, and Katie Knips)
Southwest Star Concept- 2nd
(Emily Bartosh, Laura Kalfs, Jessica Leopold, Meghan Shumate)
Mountain Lake- 3rd
(Jenna Willard, Fjaere Harder, Katy Harder and Celsey Nelson)
Windom- 10th
(Allison Duerksen, Ashley Hansen, Christi Orr and JEn Rothstein)
RTR- 14th
(Shelby Bush, Alissa Isenberg, Lynn Kenneke, and Megan Thooft)
Murray County Central- 16th
(Sara Schreier, Rose Sindt, Katie Starken and Jenni Brinks)
Martin County West- 26th
(Winona Fuller, Leah Schafer, and Lindsey Schubert)


Mountain Lake- 4th (Bradley Green, Brian Herrig, Heather Herrig, and Brendan Pankratz)
JCC- 8th
(Brianna Grupe, Tom Prochazka, Sara Skow, and Phil Wohlers)
Martin County West- 10th
(Jayden Grupe, Nick Janssen, Tyler Scholl, and Darren Thate)

General Livestock

JCC- 1st (Tyler Bezdicek, Miles Eddy, Nelson Hall, and Cody Lewis)
Southwest Star Concept- 2nd
(Emily Baumgard, Kelsey Kruse, Andrew Daberkow, and Jason Diemer)
Pipestone Area- 5th
(Andrea Carstensen, Mike Hiniker, Jennie Nagel, and Jenna Schmidt)
Mountain Lake- 7th
(Ben Appel, Jessica Appel, Anne Bjerum, and John Kremmin)
Fulda- 9th
(Travis Bohnke, Loren Clarke, Scott Reith, and Scott Schettler)
Tracy- 10th
(Ann Lanoue, Brad Lanoue, and Kyle Lessman)
Worthington- 14th
(Andrew Bents, Lance Hellstrom, Aaron Nystrom, and Brian Soderholm)
RTR- 17th
(Andrew Johnson, Brice Johnson, Kari Roelofs, and Joseph Wichern)
Lake Benton- 22nd
(Nathan Johnson, Granger Maranell, Jake Weber, and Jesse Weber)
Windom- 50th
(Tom Curley)
Murray County Central- 52nd
(Brad Baumgartner)


RTR- 3rd (Travis Holck, Peter Koenig, Jessica McConnell, and Casey Schulze)
Tracy- 9th
(Lynn Brockway, Kylie Henkel, and Dan Tutt)
Martin County West- 10th
(Betsy Brolsma, Stacey Carlson, Amanda Olson, and Baily Scott)
Marshall- 14th
(Heather Blough, Andy Lecy, Kayla Otto, and Heather Planting)
Mountain Lake- 27th
(Anthony Elg, Travis Elg ,and Alicia Karschnik)

Job Interview

Mountain Lake- 1st (Anne Bjerum)
JCC- 3rd
(Krista Schmit)

Market Plan

Worthington- 4th (Heather Behrens, Lisa Kremer, Amanda Probst ,and Jenna Luinenberg)


JCC- 1st (Bethany Shearer, Brittany Lusk, Brielle Roggow, and Stephanie Schley)
Tracy- 3rd
(Jake Gervais, Mark Gervais, Tina Gervais, and James Morin)
Pipestone Area- 4th
(Mark Deflefs, Adam Loll, Jenny Stangeland, and Tim Stolz)
Fulda- 5th
(Tom Bergman, Adam Humphrey, Troy Paplow, and Jeff Steinmetz)
Westbrook-Walnut Grove- 14th
(Joe Glanzer, Tyler Hansen, Curtis Madson, and Micah Rupp)
Murray County Central- 16th
(Josh Ackerman, casie Cote, Buddy Prahm, and Christine Vogel)


Southwest Star Concept- 1st (Whitney Place, Jenna Pmerenke, and Susan Volk)
Worthington- 8th
(Janelle Burkard, Colleen Duba, Shane Fricke, and Benjamin Middagh)
JCC- 10th
(Derek Anderson, Justin Kolander, Zak Taylor, and Dasey Wassenaar)
Fulda- 16th
(Jenafer Crowley, Nick Henning, Nick Klein, and Josh Muecke)

Parliamentary Procedure

Pipeston Area- 3rd


Mountain Lake- 1st (Jeremy Arbid, Lance Bartel, Eric Johnson, and Katie Kermmin)
JCC- 2nd
(Laura Arndt, Tim Burmeister, Marie Prine, and Darcie Vancura)
Tracy- 5th
(Laura Lanoue, Emily Vandendriessche, Laura Zwach, and Alissa LIghtfoot)
Red Rock Central- 6th
(Trenton Dammann, Tyler Reiner, Marcus Determan, and Jed Rhubee)
SVRLB- 7th
(Danielle Koopman, Landon Larsen, Brett Garms, and Brian Geertsema)
Fulda- 16th
(Tyson Meyeraan, Ben Pearson, and Matt Salentiny)
Martin County West- 22nd
(Steve Helvig, Ashley Swanson, and Kasey Ziemer)
Murray County Central- 27th
(Charlie Chapman, Kenny Simmons, and Jenny Stern)

Prepared Public Speaking

Southwest Star Concept- 1st (Amber Rasche)
JCC- 8th
(Nichole Hoppe)

Small Animal

Worthington- 1st (Ahnna Olson, Ashley Bents, Mikaela Dierks, and Nora Olson)
JCC- 3rd
(Amanda Buresch, Jenna Larson, and Jamie Wheeler)
Mountain Lake- 4th
(Emily Brown, Sarah Kratovil, Bobbielee Pankratz, and Cassie Pfeiffer)
St. James- 7th
(Donny Carlson, Jody Englin, Mitch Meyer, and Jared Schwanz)
RTR- 13th
(Shiloy Erickson, Lindsey Johansen, Stpeh Kerkaert, and Amber Meulebroeck)
Tracy- 18th
(Kim Lenertz, Erin McCoy, Tory Puppert, and Jo Schmidt)
Murray County Central- 37th
(Amanda Miller and Krista Nelson)


Westbrook-Walnut Grove- 2nd (Cody Jarmer, Jordan Dibble, Andrea Hannan, and Emily Deprez)
Sleepy Eye- 3rd
(David Karow, Tom Hillsheim, Brady Augustine, and Brand Kuelbs)
Red Rock Central- 8th
(Tim Johnson, Clark Highby, Josh Wille, and Kirk Engan)
JCC- 14th
(Matt Bezdicek, Brendan Roggow, Tim Streiff, and Brett Benson)
Pipestona Area- 16th
(Randy Baden, Dean Heard, Ryan Weinkauf, and Mike Thode)
Worthington- 25th
(Danielle Rogers, Erin Dykema, and Karen Prins)